Tips & Tricks
Is your craft punch getting stuck?
Don’t worry, its not broken.  There are a few ways to reduce this from happening to you:
1.  Punch Sharpening: Just like any cutting tool, your punch needs to be sharpened too.  Simply punch a piece of aluminum foil about 7-10 times.
2.  Improve your technique.  Always punch down on a hard surface and never in the air.  The extra leverage will help to ensure a good clean cut.

Crafting Punches

Punches allow even the most inexperienced stamper to create beautiful and creative homemade cards. Whether you want to incorporate a nice boarder, add some style with rounded corners, or add extra dimensions with different shapes and designs. Using the correct crafting punches make you look like a pro (even if you’re not!). Find more information about punches here.

Favorite Types of Punches
Boarder Punches Circular Punches Corner Punch Label Punch Petal Punch
Boarder Punches Circular Punches Corner Punches Label Punches Petal Punches
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Craft Punching Information

When to Use Craft Punches

Craft punches are an essential craft supply that will add the extra embellishment and add a very professional look to any homemade card or scrapbooking project that you are working on. There area variety of different types of punches that can be used including:
  • Corner Punches - tired of boring square corners, these corner punches add the little detail to homemade cards that is sure to impress
  • Shape Punches - every shape and size imaginable can be punched and are a great way to add dimensions to your card and make it pop
  • Boarder Punch - no more straight edges on your cards, dress them up with a fancy boarder.
  • Label Punches - this is another whole section of card stamping as you can either use these punches to add dimensions to your cards or create labels to add to presents
  • Floral Punches - floral designs are very common in stamping, however some punches are designed to give you petals and leaves which you then use to create your floral pattern.

What if my Punch is Sticking?

If you use your punch often you may find that it gets dull after awhile and paper starts to get stuck in your punch - this is normal. Here's a couple tips to avoid the punch from sticking:
  • Repeatedly (about 7-10 times) punch a piece of aluminum foil with the dull punch - this will sharpen the punch
  • Repeatedly punch a piece of wax paper which will slightly wax the metal, making it stick less
  • Stick the punch in the freezer - this will shrink the metal and reduce the sticking
We have read some articles that state you can sharpen your punches with sand paper; we advise against this as we've seen it dull the punches rather than sharpen them.